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Pregnancy nutrition

Pregnancy nutrition

What you eat and your lifestyle during pregnancy has a profound effect on the health and development of your baby for his or her whole life.


During pregnancy, your baby depends on you for all the nutrients required for healthy growth and development, therefore it is vital that your diet is nutrient dense and tailored to your particular stage of pregnancy.


I can help you to safely enhance your body’s ability to cope with the changes so that you can enjoy being pregnant and becoming a new mother.


Following a well designed nutrition programme before and during pregnancy may minimise your risk of morning sickness, gestational diabetes and a whole host of other conditions, not to mention the benefits for your baby.


I look at your diet, including vitamin and mineral intake, and how you can improve not just at the start of pregnancy but as the needs of you and your baby change, trimester by trimester.


The 1st Trimester is when your baby will develop most rapidly, with his or her organs and body systems forming, hence why good nutrition is absolutely crucial at this stage. Most expectant parents know about the importance of Folate to prevent neural tube defects in babies such as spina bifida, but it’s not common knowledge that many people can’t make use of Folic Acid, the synthetic form of Folate. During pregnancy I will also help ensure you you the right balance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Choline, Protein, vitamins and minerals.


In the 2nd Trimester you will need to help your baby to build strong bones and teeth, so you need a proper balance of Calcium, Vitamin D as well as minerals such as Magnesium, Phosphorus and Manganese.


In the 3rd Trimester you have a great window of opportunity to boost your baby’s brain by ensuring that you are taking in all the right ‘smart’ fats.


I can advise you on the best ways to eat a nutrition-packed diet that is perfectly suited to your baby at every stage of your pregnancy. I will also help you to build up your energy stores to prepare for the physical rigors of birth and advise you on the best nutrition in the immediate period after your baby’s arrival. This is when you will need to regain your strength and boost your body’s resources for breastfeeding and healing.


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